Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wow what a week we have had and adventures galore

This week we are working on obedience, Rally O, Public Access Training, pushing buttons (handicap door buttons) and distractions.

Mon - Tues we worked on basic obedience. Ara is feeding Luke all on her own now. She gets his scoop of food puts it in his bowl, then tells him to sit (waits until he does) then tells him "eat" (which he then gets up and goes to his bowl) and she puts the scoop away.  Ara is also teaching Luke a new task, she will tell him "lick" when ever she is sad or needs sensory input, she will then put her hand/arm out in front of his mouth and he will lick her sometimes she will say "lick" and bend down for him to give her kisses.

Wednesday - we worked on more obedience and had outings to Big Lots and ACE Hardware. He did very well with stopping at the intersection and even "herded" Ara to the side of the parking lot isle (closer to the parked cars) so we were not in the street.

Thursday - We went to the zoo (love those free passes) with Abuela and Papa. We all had such a great time and Luke did very well. At the tiger exhibit we had one little hicup, we were watching one tiger on the far end and another came up that I did not see and startled Luke (startled me too) he barked but I quickly told him leave it and we moved away from the viewing window to the benches. I put him in a sit and had him to "watch me" exercises. After a minute he was calm and laid down, the Tigers by this time were drawing a crowd because of how active they were. We got up to leave the exhibit and everyone was like "oh that is why the tigers are so interested in us there is a dog". We continued on our way and as we finished up at the zoo we got many compliments on how great Luke was doing and what a pretty boy he is. **It was very hot that day and I made sure Luke had on Mushers Wax to protect his paw pads, we also had a collapsible bowl for water and took a lot of breaks** Here are some pictures: (remember to keep scrolling down for the rest of our week)

Friday we took a day off just to relax since he had worked so hard on Thursday :)

Saturday we went to Bozeman and visited the Museum of the Rockies and Children's Museum. We worked on pushing the handicap automatic door buttons, some are harder than others but he did very well. We got to see a very cool live Gecko display, Dinosaurs, Indian artifacts and more. The employees were awesome and Luke ignored all the distractions. Here are some pictures (keep reading on for Sunday)

Sunday - We needed to go grocery shopping so we headed out to Lucky's and Walmart. Lucky's was a quick trip and uneventful (yay) and then we headed to Walmart. Luke was on the top of his game the entire trip, then we saw another team. Luke did great ignoring the other dog the first time we passed them but then they came around a corner and their dog wanted to play/meet and so did Luke I was able to quickly get Luke turned around and headed in the opposite direction and refocused. He did whine but did not excitement bark (this was huge for him). Once he was refocused he was back to the top of his game and did great waiting at the self check out. We did some polite greeting of the employees since he was not actively working at the moment (Ara was helping me with checking out the groceries).  After dinner tonight I put up my newly made Rally O signs and posts and did a 7 station course in our back yard. Then we worked on more "paw touch" for pushing buttons. I will be getting a video of this up in the next couple of days for everyone :) 

It was such a great week full of adventures, proud moments and good training opportunities. It is amazing how much freedom Ara has now to explore the world around her with Luke by her side. These two are going to make an unstoppable team. 

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