Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Update

Well January is coming to a class soon and we have been busy busy. We have been working on new situations and working on tasks. We also have a new addition to our family. My mom's dog Tucker, a 10yr old Bichon, will be living with us. He was getting lonely everyday that my parents went to work and board with living in a RV park with no yard. So he came to live with us lol. Luke is really enjoying having him.

So here is our January update:

Ara had a colonoscopy Jan 8th - Luke was able to go back into the procedure room while she was put under, he licked her hand until she fell asleep. It was his first time being around all those machines, noises and her being put under.  They allowed us in early for her recovery and Luke laid next to her on the bed and once awake helped keep her still and in the bed, as she kept trying to get up and leave. He did awesome and everyone was very accommodating and happy to help with his training experience.

We also had several doctors visits this month and meet some new doctors and people. When we are in a waiting room or a place where Luke can not do an under I usually have him lay down behind my legs or at Ara's feet. At the GI doctors I had him lay under my chair, a nurse came in and was there for 20 -30min and as we got up to leave out came Luke, she was surprised and said "I have been in here over 20min and had no idea you had a dog in here".  I love to hear this because it means he is doing a great job and behaving as a service dog should.  This pic is of Luke doing some DPT and interruption for Ara at a doctors office. 

Ara has been doing half day school and Luke goes in with us for drop off and pick up. He is getting use to all the noises (doors shutting, kids yelling, people walking on hardwood floors ect) and movements of people through the building and in the halls. Ara got her first BookIt voucher so we went out to pizza hut last week. Luke did awesome and tucked away quietly under the table, ignoring dropped food ect.  

And lastly here is a video of Ara and Luke working together at Walmart. It is short but cute :)