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My first Video of Luke. This is my first attempt of putting a video together with a title and such, I also forgot to turn on the microphone so there is no I know I have somethings to work out for future

So in this video we are working on Nose Touch. We played a round of retrieve (then a water break) before hand to help get out some of his puppy wiggles.

7/31/14 - Luke learning "paw push"  We are using a push light (battery operated) as our touch pad. It is rounded so it is a little different than a handicap push plate. Since this is new he gets a treat anytime his paw touches the light. As we progress with this eventually he will only get a treat for turning the light on. 

8/28/14 - Luke working on Take It and Give It there are two videos in this training session. Luke is really picking this up quickly. We will be chaining this task with a retrieve (Get it or Get _____)

and the second video

8/28/14 - Nose Touch with light. I am using a push light as the target in this video. We are working on differentiating between a nose touch and a paw push. In this video we are working on nose touch and I throw in a paw push at the end to see if he is paying attention. With nose touch we are also working on targeting a laser pointer and this behavior can also be used for when Ara needs a nudge (check in) or behavior interruption.  Paw push will be used for operating push some push plates.

9/15/14 - Ara and Luke working on team work

10/22/2014 - Here are two videos of Ara and Luke learning/training to walk together with out me holding the leash or being right next to them. These are the first two times out in public areas. We have been working on this in the house as you can see from the previous videos.

10/29/2014 -  Luke Operating the push button for the automatic doors at therapy.

11/23/2014 - Luke doing a under while at the food court in the mall. It was very loud and crowded. He did great

11/24/2014 - Luke doing some basic obedience from a distance and with the distraction of his favorite squeak toy and treats behind him.

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  1. Loved your videos and all your work you are doing for Ara. They will be a great team.