Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week of July 28th

Sorry I have not updated sooner, so much going on here lately

This weeks big achievement for the week I have finished setting up all my supplies to make a Rally O course. I printed out all the Rally O signs and lamented them, figured out how to make cheap sign holders out of garden fencing (so they will stick in the ground) and bought 4 orange cones for the weave areas.

On Wednesday I got to put up a simple course and practice with Luke and Ara even walked the course with us.  We also worked on Paw Push with the light.

Thursday we worked on Nose Touch. I have bought a laser pointer to move it from nosing my hand to nosing other objects and Ara's arm/hands

Friday we worked on paw touch. He has learned that when he needs to go outside to come and do a paw touch on our knee or leg (very lightly) instead of just looking out the door and back to us...lol we wanted a more noticeable "clue" of him having to potty.

Saturday we had outings to Walmart and Ace. We got so many great compliments of how well behaved and good looking Luke was. He did really great at doing "block" and waiting to cross streets. He was great with distractions and ignoring people.

Sunday we did some quick training at a grocery store and at an apartment (pushing elevator button). I also am working on getting Luke conditioned to the Bold Lead Mobility Harness. Right now he gets treats for smelling it and being near it. It is a big harness, with buckles, metal clips and such, it is very different than his vest. He will not wear the harness until he is a year old and we will not do any weight baring in it until his growth plates are closed.

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