Monday, July 21, 2014

The Week of the Big Test

So this week was a big one. I have already done a post about Monday's Therapy day so I will finish out the week in this post.

Through out the week we have worked on the items on the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test in preparation for Saturdays CGC Test.

On Wednesday we worked at home, hubby and the girls got to play the part of a "friendly stranger" so that we could practice sitting nicely for pets and also while I greeted someone.  It was very cute as the girls really got into the acting and they learned how to ask to pet someones dog.

On Thursday we went over to my parents apartment to do some more CGC practice. Luke got to work on "paw touch" for the elevator button. Then my mom and her dogs helped with Reaction to another dog part of the test. Luke gets very excited to see other dogs as he loves to play. We started outside on the side walk after a few time Luke settled down and did great. Then we went inside to a long hallway and worked there again he did great.

On Friday we had a couple of outings. We went to Hobby Lobby and got several compliments, he did very well ignoring distractions and walked perfectly with Ara. We worked on stopping at intersections and waiting to make sure traffic is clear. Then we went to Office Max and worked on more polite greeting in store with an employee and even out in the parking lot when two women commented on how cute he was (hey I am not one to pass up a training opportunity) he did so great sitting to be petted no jumping or pulling at all.

Saturday THE BIG DAY. We were the first of our class to do the test, Luke did great and I could see all the practice had paid off.  For the 3 minute separation I put him in a down stay and left the room, while out of the room I thought about the first two classes were Luke excitedly barked at the other doggie classmates and needed a chewy in order to not get board. Then I think about this class and how he was relaxed, did not need a chewy and he only barked once. Three minutes are up, when I came back the evaluator told me Luke did not move at all while I was gone. She noted how great his down stay had gotten and how far he had come since starting class. The she congratulated us  on passing the CGC and the Better Manners Class.

Sunday went to the family day at the Zoo they had a lot of fun activities and the new tigers were on display. We had a few hicups but Luke did very well. He was able to lay down and relax while Ara was in the bouncy houses (big improvement on that), we got to meet Spider Man and get a picture, the Tigers were awesome and one was very interested in Luke. Luke did let out one single bark as the Tiger bounded close but I quickly corrected and he did not bark again. I did move him back a bit once the Tiger was up by the viewing window, one of the zookeepers looked at me and said, "great training opportunity, he is doing great". The two hicups we encountered was when a group of Karate kids/teens run up behind us and past us with big sticks, he alert barked but again settled after I corrected him. We did see the same group a little later and I asked if he could meet them so that he would have a positive experience, they loved Luke and gave him lots of great pets and he gave a lot of kisses. The other hicup was when Chuck E Cheese came up behind me and reached out for Ara Luke again barked but then deferred to me with a solid look. I told him "quiet" and "sit". So we know what we need to work on people running around us and mascots with big heads (he loved spiderman).   Here are some pictures from the day

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