Monday, May 12, 2014

Always Busy

Sorry I have not posted much. Ara has had a lot of doctors appointments and therapies are starting back up again, so I may not get to post as often.

Update on Luke's Training

Our trip to meet with the Sporting Dog trainer went awesome. She gave me some great tips and exercises to do with Luke to help his heel position, loose leash walking and focus. He did some awesome recalls and she thought he was a neat dog.

Luke has gotten really good at loose leash and is staying in the heel position better. I can even drop the leash and he will stay in position, then pick it up again with out missing a beat. He is doing very good with long distance sits, downs and stays with minimal distractions. He also has learned the "under" command, for going and laying down under a table. On Friday we start another class Beginning Rally Obedience which is a fun class on the way to Luke getting his CGC.  As far as his CGC test we are still working on walking through crowds and greeting other dogs (Luke loves people and dogs and can get a little too excited) he is still just a puppy after all.

He has mastered giving hi-5s when sitting and also shaking hands. These are two of his favorite tricks to do and everyone gets a kick out of him doing it.

We had a yard sale a few weekends ago and Luke got to meet people of all ages, shapes and sizes. He also got to meet people using walkers and canes. He also worked on his polite greeting and distractions.

I am hoping to get some video up of some of Luke's training. We are working slowly to adding more distractions in and really making his obedience solid.

Luke got his first real hair cut this week. We did a summer cut with a mohawk Ara was so funny when she saw him after the groomers. She said "Lukey look like a poodle" it was really cute how excited she was about his new doo.

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