Saturday, May 17, 2014

It is Spring ..... Finally

So happy that Spring has finally made an appearance here in Montana. We actually had some snow a week ago. We got to have a garage sale at my grandparents house, which I thought was a great opportunity to do some training. We worked on polite greetings, long down stays, under and basic obedience. He did really great, here are some pictures
Working on Under

Working on Long distance Down Stay

With it getting warming we decided to get Luke a summer hair cut. Ara just loved it.

Friday we started our newest class Intro to Rally Obedience. It is a fun engaging class that really puts our obedience training to practical use. Here is a link to the AKC Rally page  We are going to do a few private lessons so we can work on barking when excited and how to greet dogs while working. These are two of the areas where he needs a little more work in before we can do the CGC class.

Today we had a fun day. We hit the dog park where he was able to play with another poodle and some bigger dogs. He did really awesome being polite to people and dogs alike, he also did a great off leash recall when he was heading to far into the dog park (it is huge with climbing rocks and more). We stayed for about 20 minutes. We then headed over to Tractor Supply to check out their treat I needed to get Luke some chewy bones for class to keep him busy when it is not his turn. Then we headed to the pet store to see if they carry his food (they do woohooo) he got to see Chinchillas, Rabbits, Parakeets, small animals and fish. He thought they were neat but did not pay much mind to them. They had a dog scale and he weighs 45lbs, I can not believe how big he is getting.

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