Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fun At the Dog Park

Yesterday we had a private lesson for Luke to work on his excitement barking and such. The lesson went really good and I think we have a solid plan that will work.

Leave It - Not just for food on the floor or unwanted chewing. Leave it can be used for barking, pulling at things, ect. So we are now working doubly hard on leave it, with games and set ups.

After our lesson we headed out to the dog park to burn off some puppy energy. Luke was a rockstar at the park. He was polite when greeting other dogs and people. He also came anytime I called him no matter how far he was from me or what he was doing. Even with all the distractions he listened well and when I went to walk on the trail he stayed by me and even climbed some rocks with me. I was so proud of him especially with all the distractions that he keyed into me and listened, ignoring everything else.

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