Friday, April 25, 2014

Laying the ground work for task training

Luke will be 6mo old tomorrow. I can not believe how fast time is flying. We also start our next class on Monday. I just want to say "Thank you" to everyone who are supporting us and helping us to train Luke as Ara's service dog. I can not tell you how much it means to our family and to Ara to have your support.

We have been working on the Paw command all week. Luke can do put his paw in my hand on command, give a high-5 on command and we are introducing paw with a target. Right now the target is a post it note on the edge of our wooden coffee table. He only hits the target about 50% of the time when asked but paws at the general area every time, not to bad for his first time with it.

Since he has his basics down pretty solid I introduced nose touch today. This is another foundation for task training for Ara's needs. Basically I held out my hand and as soon as his nose touched it I clicked and treated, then repeated again. We did 10 reps of this with no que given just touch, click, treat. I will add in the que after a few session.

Tonight we worked (like most nights) outside in our yard and the common areas. He did a great heel, loose leash and great turns. I was even able to drop the leash across his back for a 10ft heel straight, then I did it with a turn and with a halt. He also nailed where he was suppose to be on a step with a dropped leash. I am so beyond proud. He also did a great with his sit stay, down stay and puppy push ups (sit, down, stand then repeat).

Tomorrow we are going to a Dog Sport arena to meet with a sporting dog trainer who is volunteering her time to help us. I am very excited to meet with her and check out the facility. Next week we will be doing some training at the Tractor Supply store. We have gone in there a couple of times to buy some treats and things, the employees are wonderful and very accommodating.

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