Friday, March 14, 2014

Service Dog in Training Luke

Last year we started our journey to get a service dog for our daughter. We signed a contract with Great Lakes Assistance Dogs (ran by Nikki Kersey) for them to train a dog for our daughter and we raised the $12,500 they told us to. In the end we got a dog that was very sick and poorly trained. We were all devastated by this and our daughter was heart broken. We had to retire the dog only a few months after bringing him home, we also had to place him with friends of ours due to his extensive medical needs (he is on topical meds that can be dangerous to children), he also has several behavior issues due to the poor training tactics GLAD uses.

Fast forward to January and through our wonderful family and friends we started our search again, but this time for a puppy that we can train ourselves. We decided on a standard poodle and after searching a while we found a wonderful breeder and brought home Luke, a blue standard poodle.

Luke has all the makings of a great service dog candidate. With the help of several dog trainers I have started the adventure into dog training.

Great Lakes Assistance Dogs, Nikki Kersey, Dr. Nikki Kersey-Brown , also operating under Canines for Change

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