Friday, March 28, 2014

New Class and Outings

We just started our new obedience class two weeks ago and really enjoy it. Luke is doing really well and his barking is much less thanks to our trainers advice. Basically when he barks I tell him "quiet" then if he barks again I gently put my hand around his muzzle with one hand and hold the back of his collar with the other until he relaxes, then I release and say "good quiet"

Crate training is still going slowly but he is now comfortable being in his crate when I am present in the room and if I leave out of site for a minute or two. We are just still slowing building upon this week by week.

Outings -

The doctors office - We had a pediatrician visit on the 20th and took Luke with us on the visit. He did wonderful overall.  The Bad - He barked at a funhouse type of mirror but listened when I told him "quiet" he also barked when a very big man was in the waiting room when we were leaving but again I told him "quiet" and did the no bark technique from above and he settled down.  The Good - He was very relaxed, did not mind all the smells, equipment and noises. He actually showed very good intuition with Ara's emotions, at one point our youngest was getting shots and it really upset Ara, Luke quickly got up to go to her and kept looking over and me then at her and back.

Petsmart - We needed to pick up some treats so we used the opportunity to train. Last time we were there Luke was very excited, barked and took a while to settle down. This time was totally different. He did not bark a single time, ignored most people and even some rowdy dogs. He was relaxed and walked great on leash. We did some training with him and Ara walking together using a double handle leash and he did really well.

This week the biggest thing to happen was not something we trained or anything. Ara was having a rough day and ended up having a meltdown on the couch, with in just a few seconds of her starting to cry hysterically on the couch Luke jumped up and sat next to her, then put his head and paw in her lap and started licking her face. With in just a minute her meltdown had stopped and he moved to lay next to her and she sat there for about 5 minutes just petting him, saying "good boy Lukey"  It was so good to see and to know that he is really bonding to Ara and can pick up on when she needs him.

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