Monday, March 17, 2014

A Trip to the Zoo

So the zoo went really well for Luke only being 5mo old he did fantastic. Our biggest issue was the excitement barking  and when Ara left us to go play on the playground anytime she ran by he got supper excited would bark and try to chase after her. He also barked at a couple of kids running on the walking trails, again out of excitement he wanted to play. 

I would tell him "shhh quiet" and try to redirect sometimes it worked sometimes it didnt. That seems to be the biggest thing that we need to work on. He did sits and downs just great and walked really well next to the stroller. He even walked next to Ara and I noticed he would use his head to bump her and it helped her stay focused on where she was walking.

At the barn area they have lose ducks, peacocks, and a turkey. At first he wanted to pull and jump at the animals. I told him leave it and I put him in a sit for just a minute and got him to watch me and then we moved through to look at the other animals, the second time through he was able to lay down relaxed while the girls fed the ducks.

At the wolf enclosure the wolves whined at him and made yipping sounds. He did some barking told him "shh quiet" and to leave it then we walked along the path he did great about ignoring them after I told him leave it. ....the wolves continued to follow us and even started howling when we were out of sight, everyone (even the zoo keepers) thought it was very interesting to see the wolves so active.

Through out the day I gave lots of praise and lots of treats. The zoo staff was great and invited us back again :)

Here are some pictures

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