Friday, March 14, 2014

AKC Star Puppy and some outings

On February 18th Luke passed his AKC Star Puppy Test. He was in the top of his class and did just awesome. He really loves going to classes and playing with the other puppies during free time. We train using only a flat collar and positive methods.

In the classes we worked on leash walking, sit, down, wait, leave it and polite greetings.
At home we worked on the above as well as drop it, place and stay

The end of February was our first big outing was to Home Depot and I was armed is a pocket full of treats. Luke did great walking nicely on his leash and following commands. We went later at night to avoid it being really busy, but to our surprise we ran into a Service Dog team there. Luke got really excited to see the other dog and did bark. I quickly gave the "quiet" command and redirected him and when he re-focused I gave him lots of praise and a treat. As we were leaving and in the check out line the Service Dog team got in line behind us, Luke looked at the other dog but then turned and looked at me and ignored them the rest of the time in line. It was a very successful trip. 

In March we visited my parents at their apartment. Luke got to ride in an elevator and even met the maintenance man who had on a backpack vacuum system. He walked right into the elevator with out a hitch. When we had to walk past the maintenance man and vacuum he paid it little attention and walked right by. 

Our next big outing was to Petsmart. I knew this would be a challenge for him as he loves kids and other dogs, it would be hard for him to stay calm and focus. For the first 5min he was in hyper mode and had some excitement barking (I was a little embarrassed but he is only just a puppy) but after a family came up and visited with us with their dog he settled down and we moved through the rest of the store. Our kids love to look at all the animals so we went past the fish, birds, small animals and reptiles, Luke did great following commands and even relaxed in a down while we looked at collars. He politely greeted a few people and even ignored two dogs that we walked passed. It was another successful trip, 

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