Monday, August 11, 2014

Week of August 4th

This week was more about Ara than Luke's training. Ara had to have an MRI/MRS which required her being put under so lots of calls and preparation. Here is a short summary of what we worked on this week. Everyday we work on obedience, even though I may not list it.

Monday - We visited our favorite craft store and did some Public Access Training. We worked on polite greeting, supervised separation, distractions especially smells.

Tuesday - Therapy Day - Luke went with Ara to OT and Speech. During OT he mostly laid down and would occasionally do a "check in" where he would go to were Ara was and just make sure she was ok. At one point in therapy he laid down next to her as she was getting anxious and wanting to give up on the task her OT had given her. I suggested that Ara take a break and she gave Luke a big hug and then put her hand out and said "lick" he licked her hand and continued on with the task. It was a really awesome thing to see.  In Speech he laid near her the whole time. Here are some pictures from the day

Wednesday - We worked on nose touch and basic obedience. Also I got a laser pointer to try and work on targeting. So far it is just click and treat when he notices the dot.

Thursday - Day off lots of phone calls to prep for Ara's MRI

Friday - Ara's MRI/MRS. Luke did not go with us, he is just not ready for a hospital visit that long. We were their from 6am - 10:30am Ara did very handling the hospital visit thanks to all the cards and packages everyone sent.  She did have at least one seizure though.

Saturday - I set up a 1/2 Rally O course and we did a couple of runs through and then I switched out a couple of signs and did it again. Luke enjoys doing the Rally. Ara was able to walk Luke through some of the stations and did really good.

Sunday - Shopping day we went to walmart and worked on Public Training. He got to see and walk by a power scooter (walmart shopping power chair) and totally ignored people trying to distract him.  He was also able to do some stays with Ara (instead of automatically following me). Also worked on "Block" and him taking cues from Ara.

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