Monday, June 30, 2014

Slacking off a little.....hey it is summer

This week we have slacked off just a little bit. I mean it is summer after all. This week we mainly worked on basic obedience, rally and barking (yes we are still working on this).  We also did a little outing.

So we finished up our PFR 14 day program and now we will start it in other places like outside with mild distractions. We practiced our Rally obedience and on Friday we had our last class. Our instructor put together a full course and we all had a great time. I really hope they offer a second class on this as it was very fun and really good for Luke.  Also this work we worked on his barking at home and at other dogs. He only barks out of excitement and attention. He now does not bark at home but will come and find me if someone knocks on the door or he sees someone/something outside. We are still working on not excitement barking at other dogs.

Our outing this week as to Dollar General. He did very well in the tight isles and with all the people he did not get distracted once. Here are some pictures from the outing...sorry they are blurry. I am teaching him to brace at curbs and steps, with out pressure put on him. He has picked this up very quickly and now I have added in a second element to it. When he puts his front feet on the curb and braces, I put two finger tips on the area where the harness will sit as we step up the curb. This is just to condition him for the touch.

Pictures from the outing.
Luke Leading Ara around a corner

Luke doing a down stay

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