Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rock Star Luke

It is amazing when something just clicks. Luke had that today he was just at the top of his game today.  We went to CGC class and he did very well. We had to get some groceries, he was so relaxed and fully exercised from class that he got to vest up and go with us.  He was a Rock Star. He walked great in heel position and loose leash. He ignored (though did look around a little) the little kids, people asking to pet him and people making the awe cute puppy noises at him.  We were there for about 30minutes and we even got to talk about service dogs to some people which was great. I was so proud of the parents in the store almost all of them told their children "No you can not pet or talk to that dog he is working".

Luke did a great standing stop in heel position. Normally when doing heel and you stop your dog is supposed to do an automatic sit. Because Luke is going to be a mobility dog he needs to stay standing when we come to a stop in heel. We have been working on this as he has been an automatic sitter since he was a little puppy. I was so happy to see this finally click for him.

We also got to work on a new skill. It was really busy in the store so it was the perfect time to work on stopping at intersections of the isles (we will shape this to also stop out outside intersections ect). So I introduced the "stop" command (I use stop because it will be easier for Ara to say and it should become an automatic response).  So when we get to an intersection I say stop and I stop. I look both ways and if it is clear I say "go" (again this will be easier for Ara to say and remember instead of using forward).  If it is busy I say "wait" which is a command he already knows. Since Ara does not always realize that she is at an intersection or if she is having a seizure she is not even aware of what is going on around her. This can be a life saving skill.

Luke also got to go to the pet store and pick out a special treat today as well :) he picked a braided bully stick, he is one happy puppy right now.


  1. If you don't mind me asking what organization did you have trouble with

    1. Great Lakes assistance dogs in Michigan is who we had problems with