Thursday, September 17, 2015

We have Moved

We made the very hard decision to move last month. We hated to leave Montana (and I miss it terribly) but we are now in Florida and settling in.  Luke did awesome on the long three day trip and he is getting use to the new environment aka lots of rain and a new 

The good news is that we have a very nice grassy yard to do more training in. We will also have many more training opportunities here in Florida as well. Here is what we have done so far.

3 Day trip - wow what a looooong trip. Luke did great in the car. He also had his first ever hotel stays and did very well. He softly woofed a couple of times when someone ran down the hall or he heard another dog barking, but overall he did wonderful. 

Florida Museum of Natural History - We went to the museum with some family and it was super crowded. Luke did great and assisted Ara through out the day, Ara on the other hand struggled with the large crowd and excitement. 

Chili's - We went out to lunch after the museum. As we came in Ara had to use the potty so we headed that way, then were seated. The water brought Luke some water which was so nice. Luke did an awesome under and slept through lunch. As we got in the car my mom asked "did you see the other service dog" I said no, she proceeded to tell me that it was a German shepherd and as soon as the other dog saw Luke it started whining and pulling on its leash. She said she was so proud of Luke for ignoring the other dog and being focused on Ara and guiding her. Made me very proud too.

Walmart/ Publix - there is always a walmart :) and oh how I have missed Publix.  We worked on something a bit new for public. We worked on the "hold" command. We have worked with this at home and on walks but never in a store. Luke did great and did not budge until I gave the release word.  I have to say he is amazing at generalizing commands from situation to situation.

If the rain ever stops this week we may start up doing rally o again. We are also working on Ara giving commands and walking with Luke as the leader. 

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