Monday, August 31, 2015

Going to the Zoo

Last weekend we went to the zoo. It was a great outing with friends and we even got to work on some of the public access test items, I have no worries that Luke will pass with flying colors. The test is not required by law but I think it is a nice test to video tape as proof of behavior and training in public situations.

Luke always draws a lot of attention from the Tigers and Wolves. The bears dont seem to care one way or the Here are some pics from the day.

The other outing we had this weekend was going to walmart. Funny story - I needed to grab a few goodies for our upcoming trip and Daddy took the girls and Luke to the sporting goods area. After about 15min or so I see Luke and Ara heading my way, with Ara holding the leash and Daddy and Molly a little ways behind them. Luke lead Ara right to me and stopped. I always hold the leash as we are still working on Ara being in charge and Luke's pace when she is. Apparently Daddy did not realize this and Ara wanted to be in  They both did very good with Luke guiding her at her pace and listening to her.  I guess it is a good testament to all the training we have been doing.
A bit later Ara started to get paranoid and anxious while we were in the check out line so Luke did an awesome passive block the whole time. So very proud of these two.

We also had OT. Luke even dressed He did a great sitting block as well.

As I announced on our facebook page A Service Dog For Ara we are moving to Florida in the next few weeks. We are just not getting the medical care and services that Ara needs here in Montana. We believe we will get better care and services in Florida plus we have a big support system there with lots of family. We will miss Montana greatly and all our good friends here. 

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