Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week Of October 6th

So we have moved int our new place and are having some work done in the kitchen. So Luke has been working on his down stays, no barking, polite greeting and listening to commands with big distractions around.

We have also worked on Find Ara aka Ara Hide and Seek. He is getting very good at it and it is a lot of fun for both of them.

We had a family get together this week so again we worked on polite greeting and leave it. At one point Ara got overwhelmed by everyone talking and ran crying from the room. Luke gave me a look then went after her with me in tow. He found her gave her a nose touch then came back to me and then back to her and did a nose touch until she acknowledged him. This prevented her from going into a complete melt down, She got up hugged him and said "Luke you found me, I love you". She then held on to his vest and we were able to go back to the group and say our good byes. This is the first time he was done this task out of the house and flawlessly.

Get it, Bring it and Take it - we are back to working on these three fun tasks. Due to a back issue I am not able to do a lot of training right now so this is the perfect thing to work on since I can be sitting or even laying down when practicing.  The rest of the week was a wash due to my my back issue.

Next week we will be focusing on Ara/Luke team work, and fine tuning the tasks he knows. I have some new training aids coming in this week that will help with some of his tasks

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