Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finally Back to Training

It has been a long time since I have posted. Do to a Training issue and our family has been sick Luke was off work for about a month. We are slowly starting training back up.

Luke will not be with Ara for every outing as we slowly build back up to public access and such. He is in teenage mode as well so we are slowing down and working on obedience and throwing in some fun rally.

Last week we did out door obedience training as the weather is so nice. We also did some dog distractions. Luke is getting really reliable off leash in our yard. Off leash obedience is important in case a situation ever arises that Ara or I am unable (due to a medical issue) to hold his leash. Also if Luke does Rally the advance stages are to be done off lead.

We are starting outings slow and in places he is very comfortable in. While in a store the other day I had Ara hold his leash while I put the bags of groceries in the cart (it was 15min quick trip). A man walked by with the big cleaning dry mops and Luke did a great block for Ara (with out cue) and then guided her to me (4ft away). After him being off duty so long I was so happy to see this.

The other outing was therapy, this outing did not go as well. He refused to paw push and was just tense. So I took a step back, I took off his vest and head halter and did a few trots around the small indoor court yard. Then when back to the door and asked for the push. He happily did it. When we went in I asked if it was ok if he was unvested (in MT service dogs in training are required to wear a vest and be labeled as in training). They said no problem, he did a great under and was much more relaxed during her therapy session.

So I began to think a bit more and realized it is the vest is causing him some stress or discomfort. So we will be working on that and again holding off on PA training right now.  I never want to push Luke or put him in situations he is uncomfortable with. He is just a young dog and is not yet mature, he still has a lot of growing up to do.

Fun story - Daddy was laying on the floor and stretching is back after a tough day at work the other night. Luke decided that Daddy needed DPT and then some puppy kisses lol

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