Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Many Adventures this week Feb 16-22

I am late writing last weeks adventures so I am going to cover our outings and adventures this week. Our in home training consisted of obedience, vest work, place, team work  and leave it.


Doctor Appointment - Luke did paw touch to open the doors, did a very good working on under with a single chair, down stay and distractions. At one point they needed to take Ara to do an eye exam down the hall and to the right. I was busy with little sister and Ara stopped a the door and got tense and stiff and would not leave with the nurse. Luke broke his down stay and went to heel position on Ara. I asked if it was ok if she took him with her (the office was empty only staff was there), they said sure. So she lead him to the eye exam area.....a few minutes later Luke comes back in the room and gives me the 'look' and comes to my heel side. I take his leash and he leads me back to Ara. Apparently he realized I did not follow and Ara was really tense so he came to get me. He also did "around" to try and help her feel more comfortable, and know she was safe.

Speech - Paw touch, down stay, and also did good with little kids running around the office.

Dentists office - The dentists is in the same building as Speech but up the big set of stairs (you can see them in the previous video they are the second set). This appointment was for little sister and Luke had never been to the dentist office before. It was very crowded and there was very little room for all of us. Luke had to lay on a large hose (asked if it was ok before he laid down). There were all sorts of new sounds, smells and sights and Luke handled all with out a problem. Some of the other nurses could not believe we all fit in the little space and how great Luke behaved.

We also worked on the Stairs. Ara was able to go both up and down both sets of stairs with Luke's help. We will be working on it again next week so hope to get another video.

Doctor Appointment - Ara had shots at her last appointment and she had a reaction to one of them so we went in to have it checked out. Luke did a down block with out being cued. Also find out and paw touch.

Walmart (twice this week) - Walking with cart, distractions, right/left turn directions, guide tasks, block, find out, find car and ignoring barking dogs in the parking lot. I was so surprised how many older people made kissy and distracting sounds at Luke while we were there. Not only is it very distracting for Luke and makes his work harder but it is also very upsetting to Ara at times. Please if you see a service dog out in public do not distract the dog, which includes making noises/sounds at it or petting with out permission.

Church - Guide tasks, bracing position for curbs, distractions, down stay, block, "say hi", find out and find car. Luke alerted to Ara's anxiety by a soft bark, we are working on making this a silent alert by paw touch or nose nudge. We were able to stay the whole time this week.

This week we also met with a new dog trainer. Her facility has a bunch of fun equipment such as fit paws, open (yet secure) field, agility equipment and more. She offers an open practice once a week for people to come in and use the equipment and field. She is also going to help us with Luke's excitement around other dogs.

At Home

At home Luke is getting very good at distress response and DPT with out being cued. Also as the weather gets nicer we are able to go on more walks and the kids are learning to ride their bikes. We are also adding in "just for fun" tricks to keep training upbeat and interesting for him.

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