Thursday, December 4, 2014

Week of November 24th

This week was a bit short for training due to the holidays but I have come up with a great schedule that is really working well for Luke's training. We are also utilizing the clicker more as he responds very well to it when starting a new task/command.

What we Worked On:

Nose Touch - we are still working to make this more solid. I used the clik stik and was able extend it 3/4 of the way with the cue "nose". He is also learning to follow the target, I am teaching him "around" using it.

Block - Luke is getting much better at the "block" task. We are working on him being a bit straighter when he does it and also being able to do it from both the left and right side heel, with him returning to a heel position after released from the command. This will take time but he is doing very well.

Switch Sides - Again we are working in Right and Left Heel. Ara's right side is weaker so that is the side he needs to heel on. However when I am handling him he is on the left (in between me and Ara). I want to make sure he can work for Ara on any side so I introduced switch, basically we start of in left heel, I say switch and lure him behind my back with a treat to the right side once he is in position click and treat.

Nail Biting - Right now I am doing the nail biting and cue him to touch my hand with his nose, then click and treat. He is catching on fast and as soon as I cue he touches my hand, we will work on dropping the cue and having him watch for the behavior to interrupt.

BLD Harness conditioning - We have a Bold Lead Designs Mobility Harness for him to help Ara with mobility. It is a heavier and different than his vest, so right now I bring it out and when he sniffs, noses it, ect I click and treat. We have gotten to the point he will readily come up to it while I am holding it and put his head partially through it. We want his harness to equal fun and good things. We dont want him to be gear shy, but excited to put on his working gear.

Basic Obedience - as always we worked on sit, down, stand, stay, wait, under, place and recalls. Ara is helping with this more and is very excited to help.

We did not have any outings this week due to extreme cold temperatures, snow and the holiday.

Preview for the week of Dec 1st - We have done a lot of training, some fun new tools to use, a new outing to experience and more.

Here is a video I made this week to show you how we are training nose (and paw) touch and some of the tools I have talked about.

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