Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Week

Halloween can be scary for kids and dogs. We have worked all month on getting Luke use to strange noises and decorations. We have gone to the halloween store and in all the halloween isles of walmart, kmart and the party store. Luke did really well with everything.

At therapy this week the girls got to wear their Halloween costumes and had so much fun. We had a doctors appointment later that day so they got to be Elsa and Belle all day. At therapy I made a short video showing Luke operating the push buttons for the automatic doors. Here is the video and pictures.

Luke had permission to be on the pillow.

Ara focusing on Luke while doing an eexercise in OT 

At the doctor office working on getting into tight areas in regular stalls.

Halloween Day/Night
On halloween day we went to a small outdoor party. Luke worked on some drop leash activities such as heel and recall. Also ignoring dropped food and seeing his first people in costumes. He handled everything perfectly. 

Trick or Treating that night had some good and some needs more work moments. Luke did excellent walking with Ara and did not mind any of the other people walking in our neighborhood. He was a bit confused with the girls knocking on doors and people opening them and woofed a couple of times but soon settled in to the routine. He did great on helping Ara with curbs and at the intersections. We did run into some dogs behind fences who were barking and Luke whined at them ( I told him leave it and watch me),  the second time past one he ignored them. The only time both him and the kids got scared was at a house that had some automated decorations. We left the area and helped the girls understand it was all pretend and machines. Luke was fine as soon as we walked away and had no problem going back up and past the house later that night. I had a lot of treats for Luke on hand and praised him a lot during our trick or treating. He and the girls were exhausted after wards but they had so much fun. 

Next year and even at Christmas time we will work more on automated/inflatable decorations. We will also be taking more walks in our neighborhood to work on intersections, dogs barking behind fences and having Ara lead more. 

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